My beloved doctor and friend, Dr Ania, saved my tooth in 2010 after many other renowned dentists had considered it untreatable. Until today, instead of an implant and crown, I still have my own healthy, white, beautiful tooth!
I also regularly make use of her aesthetic medicine treatments as recommended and planned by her.
I very recently decided to have a tooth whitening and regeneration treatment which lasted 2.5 hours – the treatment was quite simply relaxing.
Dr Ania works very carefully and precisely; and the effects of all her treatments are spectacular.
I recommend her highly.
Ewa Tokarska Sołowow

Dr Anna Bucka has been our family dentist for over 20 years. She look after our entire family using the best practices available. When treating us she applies the best treatment for the appropriate age group and given problem. She always tells it like it is and when necessary, co-operates with the best. This is also why I was so pleased that she extended her services to cover aesthetic medicine. I have a very sensitive skin prone to acne and most of my visits at cosmetologists usually ended with a very irritated skin. That was until medical peelings conducted by Dr Anna systematically improved my skin and look. I recommend Dr Anna’s services highly.

Anna Stańczak

Dr Bucka is a highly specialised dentist. Both my wife and I are impressed by her knowledge, skills and patient relationships. As a cardio surgeon I can recommend her.

Prof. dr. hab. Med. Kazimierz Suwalski


Both I and my husband work with people every day and good enunciation and a smile is half our success. Dr Anna Bucka guarantees us this, as from 1982 she has been looking after our teeth – painlessly!!! We are truly grateful.

Marianna Knothe / Prof. Tomasz Knothe

Polish language lecturer for foreign students / diplomat

Dr Anna Bucka has been my dentist for years. She is professional, friendly and committed – I can always count on her help especially in emergencies and unexpected situations. I can truly recommend her.

Dr Anna Roszczyk-Hinc


Pani Doktor Ania has been by dentist for many years. When I came to Poland I was worried about my dental care and if I would receive the same care that I had received in my native South Africa. But I came across Doctor Ania and still have healthy teeth and gums. She is professional, reliable, committed and friendly.

Dorothy Znatowicz

I have visited many dental clinics in my life and most of the time these were one time experiences. This was until 20 years ago, I came across Dr Anna Bucka and have since been a loyal customer. She is professional, effective and available even in emergency situations. She invokes a feeling of safety, support and credibility while using equipment of the best quality.  What more could one ask for – 100% recommendation!

Jarosław Buss

Owner at Tudor House Ltd sp. z o. o

I recently had an experience which required an emergency visit to a dentist. I had broken my tooth. Dr Bucka attended to me immediately. She fixed my tooth perfectly. I consider her to be an expert in her field. She is extremely precise and meticulous, and chooses the best possible treatment. For instance, she fixed my tooth in such a manner that I did not need to change an expensive inlay.

Franciszek Hutten-Czapski

Managing Director and Senior Partner BCG, Chairman BCG Poland

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