Teeth Straightening

Teeth Straightening with Transparent Clear Active Aligner Overlays.

Aesthetic Dentistry Dental Clinic Warsaw

Teeth Straightening

Teeth Straightening with Transparent Clear Active Aligner Overlays.

Aesthetic Dentistry Dental Clinic Warsaw

Teeth straightening with transparent Clear Active Aligner Overlays- orthodontic apparatus is an innovative method of orthodontic treatment with transparent overlays. It is effectively used for the straightening of teeth at our Dental Clinic in  Warsaw at Belwederska Street 44. The Overlay System is a convenient alternative for fixed and mobile devices for patients of all ages. In response to the growing demand, it is most effective for adult patients requiring overbite defect corrections who value comfort and who because of their work, do not want fixed apparatus orthodontic treatments.

The transparent orthodontic apparatus is a dream for many people who require correction of an overbite (malocclusion) via orthodontic treatment.  It is an effective, fast, safe and convenient modeling of the perfect arc in the front section of the mouth. The virtually invisible transparent overlays do not interfere with speaking which is their huge advantage. The effects of the treatment can be seen from week to week and it is very motivating to follow the treatment plan presented by a dentist in our Dental Clinic in Warsaw. Stabilization of teeth in a  new position increases self-esteem, increases self-confidence in our professional and private life and promotes additional care of our teeth.

At our Dental Clinic in Warsaw at Belwederska str 44, with the help of overlays it is possible for the dentist to correct many orthodontic defects: tooth crowding, rotations, deep bites, malocclusions eg. diastema (gaps) or, over or cross bites. Effective treatment largely depends on the accuracy of the measurements and the correct quality of the overlays!! If you are considering straightening your teeth, choosing the transparent Clear Active Aligner overlays may be the best option. A beautiful smile changes everything! Get a radiant and beautiful smile without sacrifices and improve the look of your face! Irregular alignment of the teeth is aesthetically not acceptable.

Patients are ashamed to speak, smile, have low self-esteem and confidence issues. A lower acceptance by society for aesthetic reasons result in negative feelings and isolation. Irregular alignment of teeth is due to a lack of proper oral hygiene, increased susceptibility to injuries, periodontal disease, and tooth decay. It provokes disfunction of the stomatognathic system– pains in the joint of the temporomandibular joint. It can result in abrasion, destruction, and cracking of the seam and even dentine. It hinders the correct pronunciation of especially sonic consonants.   A bite defect is a social handicap!

Advantages of overlays:

  • Non-sticking, transparent Clear Active Aligner overlays are properly matched, comfortable to wear and invisible in the patient’s mouth
  • Made of silicone, do not cause sensitization
  • Enable ease of speech, laughter and eating
  • Are comfortable to wear, are smooth and have no protruding elements
  • Are easy and quick to take out to eat and drink and put in again. Thanks to the ability to remove the transparent orthodontic devices, patients retain FREEDOM when they want and need it (meetings, meals, fun, hygiene)
  • They are very easy to keep clean: brush with toothpaste, liquid soap
  • Correct an overbite in a short period of time effectively (in most cases, the effects of treatment are achieved in about 6 months)- speed and convenience for the patient
  • Safety, throughout the treatment process, full control of the condition of the enamel, oral hygiene is maintained, and the risk of root resorption is reduced, the teeth move gently and evenly
  • Are affordable compared to other fixed orthodontic apparatus.

Stages of treatment with transparent Clear Active Aligner overlays at our Dental Clinic in Warsaw at Belvederska Street 44.

  1. Dental consultation. In the dentist’s office, the dentist assesses whether the Clear Active Aligner can be effective.
  2. A Pantograph- X-ray photo is made.
  3. Once qualified by the dentist, jaw imprints are collected at the dental clinic by the treating dentist. In an orthodontic laboratory in Warsaw, based on the imprints collected, diagnostic models are performed, a digital analysis with the help  of a simulator is done and in effect with state-of-the-art technology (highly specialized software called Ortho Analyzer), a precise individually developed personalized treatment plan is implemented taking into account all the biomechanical parameters of the tooth movement and simulation as well as a 3D picture of the final effect of treatment, Stripping value. The three-dimensional 3D simulation allows for the precise planning and calculation of the number of rails needed to eliminate the overbite, determine the timing of the orthodontic treatment, estimate the cost of treatment and a 3D visualization of the intended end result. The patient can consciously and actively participate in the planning of his or her new image!
  4. The transparent overlay rails are made in an orthodontic studio in Warsaw, having a thermoforming device and guaranteeing a pressure of at least 3 bar.
  5. The patient receives a set of 3 rails for 1 month of treatment. The number of sets of transparent orthodontic overlays corresponds to the number of stages of orthodontic treatment. The overlays are marked with consecutive numbers and should be used in chronological order.  The patient changes the rails independently every 1-2 weeks, according to a strict order, which should be worn for 20-22 hours a day. The time and proper course of all treatment depends on the length of time the overlay is worn daily. Follow-up visits take place according to a fixed schedule during which the dentist checks the progress of the treatment and the patient receives a new set of overlays. Nonadherence to strict visits causes prolongation of the orthodontic treatment.
  6. After obtaining a satisfactory effect of straightening of the teeth, the patient receives the last cap– the retention apparatus. Its task is to stabilize the teeth in their places. It is necessary to apply retention to keep the teeth in their new position (retainers).

It is recommended to:

  1. Wear the orthodontic apparatus for not less than 20 hours a day (shorter time will increase the duration of the entire treatment)
  2. Take up to only two hours of continuous break in the wearing of the orthodontic apparatus
  3. Remove the orthodontic apparatus only for meals and brushing teeth
  4. Wash the orthodontic apparatus daily with a toothbrush and toothpaste
  5. Maintain high oral hygiene. During treatment you should thoroughly brush your teeth with a toothpaste PrevDent nanohydroxyapatite nHAp after each meal and use the mouthwash PrevDent nanohydroxyapatite nHAp and regenerative tooth Serum 100% nanohydroxyapatite nHAp PrevDent  recommended by your dentist for orthodontic treatment.
  6. Undertake professional preventive visits: cleaning of teeth from sediment and plaque together with regular dental inspections at the Dental Clinic according to the recommendations of the dentist at least every 6 months.

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Orthodontics - teeth straightening Clear Active Aligner
Dental Information visit (15 min)free
Treatment Plan- computer analysis 3D300 zł
Diagnostic models200 zł
Clear Active Aligner- monthly treatment with 3 aligners, 1 arch1000 zł
Clear Active Aligner Retention Overlay monthly treatment with 1 aligner, 1 arch1000 zł
Retainer 1 arch1000 zł
Stripping 1 arch300-500 zł

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