Cleaning of Teeth from Sediment and Plaque- Sanding.

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Cleaning of Teeth from Sediment and Plaque- Sanding.

Aesthetic Dentistry
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In Aesthetic Dentistry, prevention and oral hygiene are essential for teeth to be healthy and clean.

At our Dental Clinic in Warsaw we offer professional treatments to patients which include:

  • dental inspections and oral hygiene assessments

  • ultrasonic removal of plaque and dental sediment

  • curettage, cleaning of gum pockets

  • sanding of teeth, removal of sediment or discolourations

  • remineralization of teeth after cleaning from sediment and plaque with a regenerative Tooth Serum by PrevDent with nanohydroxyapatite nHAp

  • oral hygiene instruction

We do not use FLUORIDE!


  1. Healthy and strong teeth- treatments give an immediate effect of brightening teeth, making it easier to maintain oral hygiene
  2. No inflammation of the gums
  3. No bleeding or bad breath in the mouth
  4. Prevention of periodontitis
  5. Prevention of systemic diseases: arteriosclerosis, heart disease, strokes, pneumonia. Professional cleaning of teeth from sediment and plaque at the dentist influences our confidence and results in a nicer smile. With healthy and white teeth and a nice smile, we feel more attractive, which affects better our well-being and increases self-esteem.

Cleaning teeth from sediment and plaque, sanding or air abrasion is recommended before planning any professional teeth whitening in a dental clinic. It allows you to get the best possible effect of PrevDent teeth whitening.

Bacteria that are located under the gum penetrate the circulatory system and increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. They are also dangerous for pregnant women as they can lead to premature birth and reduced birth weight of the baby. Pregnancy is not a contraindication to perform ultrasonic scaling.  According to the current recommendations of the Polish and European periodontological society based on the position of a panel of expert gynaecologists, the first visit to the dentist should take place before the 12th week of pregnancy. Its purpose is to assess oral health and to instruct oral hygiene. Treatment and scaling if indicated, should take place in the 2nd trimester of pregnancy. Untreated inflammation of the gums and parodontosis during pregnancy can adversely affect the health of the mother and child.

Plaque and sediment are a common problem for people who care about oral hygiene. Preventively, it is recommended to perform regular hygienic procedures 1-2 times a year or more often as needed. Sediment is a hard, mineralized precipitate on the teeth in the form of dark discolorations, which are located in the spaces between the teeth. Hard dental precipitate is formed as a result of the hardening of the sediment of soft food residues from the influence of saliva. Plaque is a combination of bacteria and sediment from food residues. Due to short or abnormal cleaning, bacteria initially form a soft precipitate called plaque. The amount of the plate quickly increases, after about 48 hours the plate becomes hard and removing it by normal brushing becomes impossible.

These deposits act as a habitat for bacteria and lead to inflammation and chronic periodontitis. This includes an unpleasant odour from the mouth, atrophy of the dental process, atrophy of the gums, periodontitis (every 7th person suffers from periodontitis) and the progression of tooth decay. Increasing plaque is the cause of serious diseases of the gums and teeth. It destroys the connecting ligaments and bone- there is a loosening and consequently, tooth loss. Bacteria convert sugars into acids that damage teeth and cause tooth decay. Plaque accumulates on the edge of the gums and in the spaces between the teeth, gingiculitis and later periodontitis occur, after the so-called gingiculous pockets stands up, it causes a serious pathogenic threat. Plaque is the biggest enemy for bones and teeth.

SCALING is a painless procedure and is the professional removal of hard dental deposits which can cause hypersensitivity and discomfort. We offer such patients a no pain procedure by means of local anesthesia. Currently used ultrasonic scalers and a properly selected tip for the scaler guarantee a virtually painless procedure. Removal of plaque is carried out with the help of an ultrasonic scaler. Ultrasound, together with water, breaks down and destroys the particles of the deposits and breaks off the surface of the tooth.

Cleaned teeth are polished with a special paste using polishing brushes and rubbers. The surface of the teeth is clean and smooth. After scaling, the patient may experience temporary tooth hypersensitivity so it is recommended to use a regenerative Tooth Serum with nanohydroxyapatite nHAp from the PrevDent range of products (Toothpaste, Mouth Rinse). Currently used pacemakers are not a contraindication to the performance of professional ultrasonic scaling in a dental clinic. This should be confirmed in the pacemaker’s passport. If it is an old type starter, teeth with be brushed with a manual tool. Similarly, with implanted hearing implants. Professional Scaling should be performed with an antibiotic cover in patients with infective endocarditis, heart defects, implanted heart valves, in case of irregular diabetes or when there are serious disorders of the immune system.

SANDING is a safe and painless procedure if carried out in a dental clinic. It is performed using a dental sanding machine, using under pressure sodium bicarbonate or glycine. In an easy and quick way, the precipitate and dark discolourations are removed from the teeth. Especially indicated for smokers, people who drink a lot of strong tea, coffee, for patients wearing orthodontic braces and for people with tightly lined teeth. Sanding is recommended for patients who want to regain the whiteness of their teeth and improve the appearance of dentition. Sanding does not remove plaque, it is a complement to scaling. After a professional sanding procedure in a dental clinic, the teeth appear whiter and shinier. After sanding, it is recommended to use a Regenerative Tooth Serum with 100% nanohyroxyapatite nHAp from the PrevDent range to strengthen the enamel and obtain a glossy appearance. The reinforced enamel becomes resistant to bacteria that cause decay and acids. It counteracts gum disease and protects against tooth hypersensitivity.

We do not use Fluoride!

The contraindications to sanding are asthma and chronic respiratory diseases, pulmonary dysfunctions, allergy to chemicals present in the “sand”, kidney disease and ulcers of the stomach or duodenum, pregnancy or any damage to the mucous membrane in the mouth. If the mouth has developed inflammation or has damage to the mucous membrane, it is necessary to wait with sanding until the cure has been completed.

Healthy gums have a pale pink color, completely fill the spaces between the teeth and do not bleed. There is no plaque on the teeth. Sick gums are red, swollen and bleed. The teeth are covered with colourless plaque.


How to properly care for your teeth at home:

  • Daily procedure: brush with PrevDent toothpaste with nanohydroxyapatite nHAp without Fluoride!
  • floss with dental floss
  • rinse with PrevDent oral hygiene fluid with nanohydroxyapatite nHAp which does not contain alcohol (does not dry out mucus) or Fluoride
  • use a restorative treatment tooth Serum 100%  PrevDent nanohydroxyapatite nHAp  1x per week for 4 weeks
  • choose the right toothbrush
  • floss your teeth properly

Recommendations after the procedure of cleaning teeth from sediment and plaque and sanding of teeth:

  • after the procedure of cleaning teeth using regenerative tooth Serum 100% nanohydroxyapatite nHAp PrevDent it is recommended to not eat or drink for 2 hours
  • avoid liquids and foods that may discolor your teeth for 24 hours after treatment
  • if there is a hypersensitivity of teeth to thermal stimuli, cold, hot, acidic, use products that reduce hypersensitivity (pastes, rinses, regenerative serum with nanohydroxyapatite nHAp PrevDent). Regular use of the correct toothpaste and mouthwash reduces and slows the accumulation of plaque and reduces tooth decay.
Preventative treatments
Scaling- cleaning the teeth from plaque and tartar300- 350 zł
Scaling- cleaning the teeth from plaque and tartar, a large amount of plaque and tartar350-450 zł
Scaling, sanding, a very large amount of plaque and tartar450- 650 zł
Sanding100-200 zł
Treatment of Gingival Recession and Periodontal Pockets - adjunctive hyaluronic acid application, Collagen Biomatrix. Sunekos 200, Linerasefrom 700 zł
Oral Hygiene- Products
PrevDent regenerative Tooth Serum 100% nanohydroxypatite nHAp- 1 vial20 zł
PrevDent regenerative teeth whitening nanohydroxyapatite nHAp with a lamp PrevDent (1 visit 7 sessions)1400 zł
PrevDent regenerative teeth whitening nanohydroxyapatite nHAp with a lamp PrevDent (1 visit 9 sessions)1800 zł
PrevDent regenerative teeth whitening nanohydroksyapatite nHAp with a lamp PrevDent (1 extra session 10 min each)200 zł
PrevDent Toothpaste 15% nanohydroxyapatite nHAp, fluoride free (remineralisation, whitening, decreasing tooth sensitivity treatment- sufficient for 4 months treatment)80 zł
PrevDent Mouth wash- nanohydroxyapatite nHAp, alcohol and fluoride free (remineralisation, whitening, tooth sensitivity decreasing treatment- sufficient for 4 months treatment)80 zł
PrevDent Toothpaste and Mouth wash Set150 zł
PrevDent regenerative Tooth Serum 100% nanohydroxypatite nHAp- 1 vial20 zł
PrevDent regenerative Tooth Serum 100% nanohydroxyapatite nHAp- Set 4 vials (monthly treatment )75 zł
PrevDent DeSensiDent Set: Toothpaste 30% nanohydroksyapatite nHAp+ 4 Regenerative Tooth Serum 100% nanohydroksyapatite nHAp190 zł
OXYSAFE- reactive oxygen for the treatment of gingival pockets40 zł
Miradent Dental floss 20 m MIRAFLOSS TAPE16 zł
Miradent Tooth brush Carebrush Supersoft20 zł
Miradent Tooth brush Carebrush WHITE20 zł
Miradent Tongue brush- TONG CLIN DE LUXE20 zł
Miradent Tuft brush- I Prox P20 zł

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