Hyaluronic acid Face Modeling

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Hyaluronic acid Face Modeling

Aesthetic Medicine Clinic Warsaw

Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the human body. It maintains the correct moisture levels and skin elasticity. From the age of 25 and especially after 40, its production in our bodies gradually decreases. As a result, the skin becomes drier, slackens, wrinkles appear and the face loses its volume. Fillers containing non-linked and cross-linked hyaluronic acid effectively complement its deficiency, moisturize, firm up, stimulate regeneration and enhance the skin.

Treatments give immediate effect, keeping for 12 months. The filler gradually degrades and is completely absorbed, leaving the skin hydrated and firm ensuring the skin looks even better after absorption than before the procedure. Treatment should be repeated according to an agreed procedure schedule.



  • eliminates lines and wrinkles
  • models the shape and improves the contour of the face, enhances facial volume
  • improves the quality and structure of the skin
  • rejuvenates and refreshes the skin


  • diagnosed sensitivity to hyaluronic acid
  • autoimmune disease
  • pregnancy, breastfeeding
  • active cold sores or other active infection
  • cancer
  • tendency to keloids

The treated areas must be kept clean and sterile for 24 hours after treatment. Do not touch the treated area. Avoid contact with animals (risk of infection). Up to 12 hours after the injections do not apply any makeup. Up to a week after the procedure, avoid environments with a high risk of infections such as swimming pools, sauna’s and avoid strenuous physical exercise such as running or gym workouts.

In the case of recurrent herpes it is recommended for 2 days prior to the injections, to take relevant medication such as Acyclowir Heviran 400 mg or Vaciclovir 500-1000 mg. Before the procedure do not take aspirin and other drugs that reduce blood clotting.

For 2 weeks after treatment avoid intense sun or below zero temperature exposure.

After the procedure the skin may become reddened and swollen with small noticeable injection marks or even slight bruising. These can be treated with a healing cream such as Auriderm. The bruising should disappear within 1-2 weeks. Use a SPF50+ sun filter during the day.

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Aesthetic Medicine Price List Hyaluronic Acid Treatment
Medical Information visit- Aesthetic Medicine Doctor (15 min)free
Consultation after Aesthetic Medicine treatment- Aesthetic Medicine Doctorfree
Consultation with treatment plan Aesthetic Medicine Doctor250 zł
Anaesthetic- cream 1 area50 zł
Hyaluronic acid Volumetry non-invasive Face lifting
Teoxane (Switzerland) Teosyal RHA1, RHA2, RHA3, RHA4, Redensity II, Deep Lines, Ultradeep, Global, Kiss, StylAge (France)
Hyaluronic acid- Swiss TEOXANE modeling of the chin, modeling of the mandible line (1 ampoule)1000 zł
Hyaluronic acid- Swiss TEOXANE - Lips modeling, Moisturizing the Lips (1 ampoule)1000 zł
Hyaluronic acid- Swiss TEOXANE reduction of shadows under the eyes, filling the tear trough (1 ampoule)1000 zł
Hyaluronidasefrom 1000 zł

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My beloved doctor and friend, Dr Ania, saved my tooth in 2010 after many other renowned dentists had considered it untreatable. Until today, instead of an implant and crown, I still have my own healthy, white, beautiful tooth!
I also regularly make use of her aesthetic medicine treatments as recommended and planned by her.
I very recently decided to have a tooth whitening and regeneration treatment which lasted 2.5 hours – the treatment was quite simply relaxing.
Dr Ania works very carefully and precisely; and the effects of all her treatments are spectacular.

I recommend her highly.

Ewa Tokarska Sołowow

Dr Bucka is a highly specialised dentist. Both my wife and I are impressed by her knowledge, skills and patient relationships. As a cardio surgeon I can recommend her.

Prof.dr hab.n.med. Kazimierz Suwalski


Dr Anna Bucka has been our family dentist for over 20 years. She look after our entire family using the best practices available. When treating us she applies the best treatment for the appropriate age group and given problem. She always tells it like it is and when necessary, co-operates with the best. This is also why I was so pleased that she extended her services to cover aesthetic medicine. I have a very sensitive skin prone to acne and most of my visits at cosmetologists usually ended with a very irritated skin. That was until medical peelings conducted by Dr Anna systematically improved my skin and look. I recommend Dr Anna's services highly.

Anna Stańczak

I recently had an experience which required an emergency visit to a dentist. I had broken my tooth. Dr Bucka attended to me immediately. She fixed my tooth perfectly. I consider her to be an expert in her field. She is extremely precise and meticulous, and chooses the best possible treatment. For instance, she fixed my tooth in such a manner that I did not need to change an expensive inlay.

Franciszek Hutten-Czapski

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